Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just to pour my head out so I don't lose my mind

Hey there, I know it has been awhile. To be honest before this I couldn't be bothered. So much to see, so much to do. Since my arrival here in York I have experienced much to say the least. New faces, new places... a new life far... far away from home.

Everyone misses me... or so i'd like to think so. Truthfully, there isn't anywhere else in the world i'd rather be right now than back home. Home... despite how much our world has gotten 'smaller' to me it feels owh so far away. Thank god for Facebook and the internet ;) at least I can drown away a bit of the sorrow I feel from being home sick.

University life is quite different from how it was in college. I think I enjoyed my time in Taylors more. Simply coz I had all I could ever want and life felt easy. I'd see friends that I know and love, we'd attend class (despite whining about early 9.15's and so on...) we'd have lunch and bitch about the assignments we'd got for the week and occasionally go out for dinner and party later on. I guess... maybe i'm just not used to change. The people here are nice but closed up.

To my knowledge I can only say that there is only one local student that I talk to and socialize with on occasion. Everyone else that I know now is international one way or another. My first group of friends whom I was close to was stripped away from me after first term. They were visiting students but since they were the only ones I felt comfortable with during fresher week, I stuck to them (too much so now that I think about it).

I'm not sure what i'm writing now so do forgive me if I blabber on. Hoping to end with something constructive at the end. I guess what I want to do is just rant about how miserable I feel being here. The weather was horrible, I never knew that cold could fuck with me so much so that'd affect me not only physically but psychologically as well... I had S.A.D's for quite some time during winter, Shops close at fucking 5p.m... I MEAN COME ON right? AND YOU CLOSE ON SUNDAYS?!?!?! WTF is up with that shit?

How I long for the Mamaks that serve glorious unhealthy yet cheap food 24/7!!!! First thing I'm doing when I get back home is eat my heart out :D MAKAN PUAS PUAS!!! WOOOT!!!

Plus with my mood always in a swing in the earlier terms I couldn't concentrate on my studies. Fucked up my essays in a result which I have to resubmit soon. Hopeful I don't screw up my first year... sigh...
Me and Meg broke up recently too. Can't say I'm not hurting inside coz I'd be lying if I said everything is fine and dandy. I am however taking this more calmly than I expected... still wonder what it would've been like if things were different. Haha, guess there's no point in doing so since things would've probably ended sooner or later with the current situation. At least I still have the memories we shared. Those will last for a lifetime.

On a more constructive note, i've sort of gotten used to living here. I know where to get most things although there are some things lacking (an arcade namely). I have found friends since first term who I feel have come to recognize me and accept me as their friend. Some more closer than others but I guess its a start to something good. I realize life can fuck with you more than you would like MORE than you would like at ONE time. All you gotta do is just take it and move on from there. Long distant relationships can only work under very certain circumstances and differs from person to person, I will never make the same decision again.

owh my... that's a lot of blocks of random stuff there...

Sorry for that, but if you read everything, cheers to you. Hope you didn't waste yer time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

...Finally... AN UPDATE 8D WOOHOO!!!!

So yeah, after much bumming around, many weeks of raging (on and off the road), tiring travels from here to there, trials of love and war... and a little bit of drinking and dancing in the middle of all the chaos... I've FINALLY gotten myself over to the UK 8D *crowd applause* and after more than a week of York goodness, i've decided to update this blog of mine which hasn't gotten much TLC from me in a long time so... without further ado, i'll just post up some pics i took while i was here (mind you, I didn't take much as my friends took more of me so i'll just share what I have).

This is what I looked like about a month plus back and its the same photo I sent it for my UNI card. It got accepted so this is what people will see if they browse my name on the York Student Profile Mainframe. 8D not very happy looking am I? Well... they don't like smiling photos for some reason D8 so whatever... i'm still a very jolly person most of the time so its ok.

That's me during the week I was still in Bradden, Northampton. My uncle was kind enough to let me stay until I could move into my UNI accommodation so my granddad got to take me around to Milton Keynes to buy some necessities like pots and pans and a bunch of other things. I myself however was more interested in looking at the game selection and what kinds of food I could get here. The pic above is me at a noodle bar called Wagamama's. Mix of western italian and japanese food. Quite nice but I've had better back home 8D

That's my granddad for those of you who haven't met him and that's boush my uncle's family dog. Its' a golden retriever if i'm not mistaken but man is he big. He's really affectionate and loves getting pet and being taken on walks but he scares me when I don't give him any attention. Don't underestimate dogs who are attention whores D8 they won't know their strength and will pounce on you without warning lols! I make him sound scary but he is quite strong mind you.

I'm guessing you're gonna ask who these two are 8D well... they be mai cousies 8P The one on the left is Cass and the one on the right is Jude. They're really energetic and loud and on most days you can catch em running about in their backyard with their school uniforms on with their friend Jake.

Yes, shota cousies are shota 8D but they're off limits to you lot. I am however going to try and get cass to cosplay Hani-sempai when I go as Tamaki-sempai for one con. My uncle and aunt don't seem to mind so *hehehehehe evil smirk*

I found this cars' name amusing. 8D those of you who know a lil' japanese will also smirk at the name. Now if only this car looked a bit more MOE and had a cute/hot female sitting in the driver's seat 8P

This was lol! I found it on the way back from a supermarket. I've never seen advertising like this in Malaysia so it made me chuckle a lil as I continued my journey home as I was reminded of my fav parts in the movie. Faken shrimps, faken fak!

Saved the best for last. I know the west is known for like the most half assed cosplays in the world (though that statement is a generalization) and it surprised me to see a fellow cosplayer on campus attracting students to join the anime manga society. Schroedinger from Hellsing. A pretty good one at that. Her lenses were really nice and her fangs rocked. It wasn't the best picture of all time but hey, what can you expect from someone with a HP cam in a hall full of people knocking into each other walking from booth to booth. AT LEAST MY CAMPUS HAS COSPLAYERS 8DDDDDD

That's all from me. I'll try and update this thing a little after London MCM expo where hopefully... i'll get to post up my Dino (from KHReborn) cosplay pics! Till then, this is Reno signing out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cosfest~ In progress

I wanna share my cosplay and crossplay experience up here on my blog but i'm lazy to type so much at this early hour so for now i'll just share some photos with ya'all. Fav shots of me during cosfest comin' up. Stay tuned for updates ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first freelance cosplay job ^ ^

So yesterday I lived a dream of mine. To actually be asked to cosplay and get paid for it. Awesome right? I'm sure most cosplayers dreamt of doing that at least once in their cosplay life. So yeah, the job was simple. Cosplay as a manga character (in my case, Tamaki Suoh). I wasn't alone in this. My nee-san Akiko along with Deidara and Guki were on the job cosplaying manga characters too. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to share *pokes Aoshi in hopes he has a few to show*. Regardless, all we had to do was be present at the venue. Walk around. Smile, pose and what not. Easy stuff. All I cared about was the money I was promised, since this month's spending has taken a toll on my allowance @_@

Anyways after the launch of the event was over, we were asked to hand out posters at the door. Okay, so maybe it wasn't in the job description but since it was a small job we didn't mind doing (although most would feel offended being treated as mascots in a way). Our 2 hours were up and we got paid!!!! $$$$$ ch-ch-ching baby! Afterwards we changed back stage and we went off to TS to hunt for some things for my P.P project. Gosh... i'm so nervous about my first time going as a meido at a convention! In SINGAPORE TO BOOT! Hope I pull it off. Yes, I will pull it off... I think.... Gah anyways, that's all from me now. Next time I post, it'll be about Cosfest and the stuff that I experienced in SG. Till then!

P.s if anyone knows anyone who needs hiring cosplayers for an event, do let me know. I know a bunch of people who'd be willing to do so.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reno's Animangaki weekend ^_^

I'd like to start my updated post with thanks.

Thank you SUAC for organizing this year's Animangaki. I hope it becomes one of those events held annually that many an anime manga lover looks forward to attending, be it cosplayer, photog or just the average otaku. I'd also like to thank my fellow cosplay friends for showing their faces on either both or one of the two days.

My current FF group

The HELP's goth host club

Daft Punk and Myself XD

My blackout (cam)whore gang LOL!

You guys are like family to me and I'm really gonna miss you guys so so damn much when I get shipped off to the UK. So i'm hoping to fill up my current pre-uni break with many fond memories of us spending time together ;) I needn't mention names as there's too many to list. You know who you are ;P Guki I have to mention specifically for helping me with my make up for 2 days. Thanks so much ;) YOU TURNED ME INTO A BISHIE LOLS

On with the report then...

I cosplayed for both of the days I attended. First day I went as the flamboyant host king of the Ouran Highschool Hostclub, Suoh Tamaki (or Tamaki-sempai as most call him).

A flower for your thoughts o-hime

I wonder where Haruhi is right now...

*EMO* Plant mushrooms... plant mushrooms...

Anyways... I'd rather not repeat myself about what I experienced on Day 1 as I've already let it under the bridge. I will however say the event itself started off a bit slow and it slowly gained momentum. Us cosplayers as usual had our own fun with our photogs posing in some very LOL worthy pictures aside from taking those that portray the true nature of our characters.

Hohoho no stealing Kuma-chan!

Me and my photog friend Alison

Flirty with two vocaloids? If its a girl Tamaki is there ;P

I went through the exact same state that I always do during cosplay events.... the "i can't eat or drink very much" state.

I dunno why it happens but it does. Even looking at food made me sick and my senses were maxed out to the point that I COULD SMELL the ramen that spilled on the stage during the naruto skit while I was back stage.... (right Arisa? XD) I'm still surprised that people manged to MISTAKE me for HANI FRIGGIN SEMPAI....

come on people D8 Tamaki's plushie is Kuma-chan A BEAR!! and Hani-sempai's plushie is a bunny!!!! Get your facts right!

I took part in the competition but didn't win, I was outmacthed by Beat (who came as the EPIC Mario~), Naruto (cosplayed by Sparda) and Angeline (who cosplayed one of the CUTEST vocaloids I've ever seen XD)

That, in a nutshell was pretty much day 1 for me.

I need to find a real chick...

No mission? Reno is not happy... gah... bored...

Cloud? Hah! Reno's the one you've gotta worry about now =D

Day 2 started off a bit better thanks to some much needed rest which I got once I got home and had a good shower and changed into clean clothes. The cosplay portion of the event was also much earlier since the Finals of the Karaoke competition took place earlier in the morning and ended at noon. My team entered as an FF group.

I wish Bapho were here.... This Reno misses his Elena T_T

We Pwnz Joos!

We were up against 2 others which were made of characters from Ranma 1/2 and Kuroshitsuji. Safe to say, we won 1st place! And I got a mini usb speaker as part of my share of the prize (which wasn't much... it was just an anime goodie given by Animax... very standard issue stuff which even some of the attendees at the event got through the lucky draw but whatever right) We didn't really care about the prize, it was more for the entertainment purpose, putting up a good show for the crowd to generate some lolz. That was our goal and thats what we ended up doing. Some however were more interested in my hip movements XDDDDDD YOU GUYS!!!!

Later on there was a mini unofficial cosplay comp suggested by the two Mc's of the day. This was brought on due to the fact that a lot of the lucky draw winning numbers didn't seem to match any of the numbers of the attendees in the hall (or people just didn't care...?) Anyways, standard rules. A couple of minutes on stage impromptu, act out your character as best you can. I did this... =P

my short performance which made the crowd go wild (which also at the same time made the MC's cringe) scored me a miniature gundam figurine which I happily accepted as a prize. The rest of the day was pretty much filled with more and more posing in the venue hall with friends and fans taken with their respective cameras and a mini photoshoot for my friend Alison who needed to cover the event as an assignment.

The end of the event was marked with J-rock band performances. It was alright I guess, not the best i've heard but it got a bit draggy after awhile. As expected, after the costumes come off and the day is over and done with, the lot of us went over to Sunway to grab some much needed nourishment to recover the energy lost during the day. Safe to say, I was glad to be amongst my friends joking and laughing whilst we all happily stuffed our faces. These will be the sweet memories I take with me to UK when I leave to further my studies over there. Animangaki was great. I only hope to attend more of these conventions in the future and experience equally enjoyable cosplay moments.

Guy love? O_O

We is Egyptians XP


The Happy Circle :)

There was also a cosplay shoot done by my friend Alison and our friend secret. These photos and more are on my Facebook so do feel free to pop over there and look at the hundreds of pics tagged there ;P

I'll just end it here for now. Till next time people ;) this is Reno signing off. Over and out

P.s If you wish to be credited for the photos posted up here please saw so yeah? Thanks! See you at Daicon/Cosfest/Bon Odori/GACC!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Animangaki (mini update)

Guh... i'm honestly in no mood to write very long sentences and correct grammar and what not so I'll just give a brief summary of this pretty kick ass event before returning here again to add pics and a more lengthy coverage later.

Went there at 12. Was rather tired... suffered from a heat flush as Dei calls it at exactly 3a.m where my body basically turned into an oven ready to cook me even under the harsh conditions of my room with the air conditioning and fan BOTH TURNED ON (sorry guki if you were freezing...)

TOTALLY IRRITATED by friends and strangers asking for Kuma-chan, my apologies if you feel I was acting out or being a bad sport. If I say you can't have him, you can't. Understand that he's not mine and if anything happened to him, i'd be held responsible. What if he was ripped or harmed in any way whilst you playfully attempt to get him off me with force? Not so HAHA anymore huh? I even got kicked in the head despite falling to the ground still hugging onto the darned thing. Really people, enough is enough... I was so put off by my mood it affected my portrayal of a character that should really be joyous and happy most of the time. Sorry guys if I upset you all. I didn't mean to nor did I ever wish to do so. I hope you can be understanding in letting this be water under the bridge yeah?

All rants aside, everything turned out well in the end. The event held in Sunway U got up to a slow start with the karaoke competition acting as a filler before the main attraction began. THE COSPLAY COMPETITION (Solo Portion). I was one of the finalists competing to win top seed but sadly only managed to be placed at fourth (thanks for the ninja intelligence gathering guys XP). Regardless, I HAD FUN! Whoopie! I didn't care so much for winning as much as I cared for making sure I stayed in character and entertaining all of you whom attended. I pray I met many of your expectations of a Tamaki Suoh cosplayer (although I know there are still some inaccuracies which can and can't be fixed costume and acting wise). I was just contented to hear cheers and the sounds of the crowd reacting to what I was doing on stage (and of course of applause LOL).

2morrow is a new day and I'll be doing my signature character yet again (those whom know me well enough should know who it is right guys? =P) So yeah. See ya 2morrow! Gambatte to my friends who're in the finals for the karaoke comp and my fellow cosplayers who will be attending in their respective costumes. This is your host for the day Tamaki Suoh signing off. A good night I bid~<3

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recent photo shoot pics

Hey gang, haven't updated since C2Age so I figured i'd just post up some pics from my most recent photo shoot with one of my new photog friend (who was also a model for this shoot) planned out by her friends.

As usual (being Malaysian as we are) we started later than expected and arrived later than we planned too. I must say that this has to be the longest shoot i've ever been apart of... I got home at 7p.m. *rolls eyes* nearly 12 hours when I left the house... but despite it all, the effort put in produced EPICLY PROPORTIONAL shots like this.

These are just a couple of the shots we took, more can be found on my facebook account. Just look under photos of me =D but these three are some of my favs. Hahaha gotta thank the two photogs one day for a great job! Must belanja them XDDDDD Ciaos for now. I got an exam to study for. Peace~

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